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Dongwon Education Foundation

Foundation that performs social contribution activities

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Dongwon is shining the light of hope on the youth of Korea

Dongwon has been operating the Dongwon Education Foundation since 1979. Since establishment, the foundation has been providing scholarships to approximately 6,000 students and has been supporting academic research and scientific technology projects of major universities and research institutes of Korea. Dongwon regards providing talented people with the environment to deeply engage in their studies in their youth and sharing the love given by customers with the society as its duty. Dongwon will continue to take the initiative in supporting young and talented people who will make great achievements in the future.

Children are Our Future
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‘Dongwon Chaekggureogi’, a children’s book support program of Dongwon Education Foundation that started in May 2007, is the book reading campaign for mothers and children designed by the foundation to prepare for the development of talent through the balanced development of IQ, EQ, and CQ. Through this campaign, Dongwon sent over 1,000,000 story books to households with 6-year-old or younger children. Households can choose and apply for the books among the recommended books and Dongwon sends 12 books per year to each household.

Total Education Program Representing Korea
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Since 2017, Dongwon Group has been promoting 'Jayang Life Academy', a total education program for college and university students. The Jayang Life Academy nurtures sound intellectual people cultivated in both knowledge and character through various educational programs such as reading, discussion, field trips, and lectures by prominent scholars, business people, and artists, as well as volunteer activities. Dongwon Group also supports life academy at prestigious universities of Korea such as Yonsei University and Pukyong National University.

Education is Hope
 - Scholarship Program

Dongwon established the Dongwon Education Foundation in 1979 and has been providing opportunities to students who have the potential in the hope to make them servant-leaders of the 21st century. The foundation is providing scholarships to approximately 6,000 students including students with excellent talent, middle and high school scholarship students, university scholarship students, and students studying aboard.

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