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US No.1 Canned Tuna Manufacturer

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We will develop as the world's biggest tuna company

StarKist is the world's best tuna brand with 65 years of history, and holds the No.1 position in the US tuna market. Like Dongwon Group in Korea, StarKist is an iconic tuna brand in the United States, and has been controlled by Dongwon Group since 2008, accompanying Dongwon Group on its journey to globalization. Dongwon Group, which has already become the dominant player in Korea's tuna market, has focused on the steady growth of the world's tuna market and determined that tuna can be one of core resources that will lead future industries. Through the acquisition of StarKist, Dongwon Group has secured an opportunity to take off as the world's biggest tuna company, and will become de facto a globalized enterprise.

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