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Dongwon Cold Storage

Asia's biggest cold storage and logistics company

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Key logistics player in the Northeast Asian market engaged in collecting, processing and distributing marine products

Dongwon Cold Storage is Asia's biggest cold storage warehouse, from which approximately 80 thousand tons of frozen marine products are shipped to major ports around the world. It plays a central role in the logistics of Northeast Asia, connecting not only Korea but also Japan, China and Russia. It is also taking the lead in providing fresh marine products, stabilizing prices and improving the distribution structure. As 70% of items stored in its warehouse are exports from the United States or Russia to Japan, our expertise and proficiency are highly recognized in the international marine product market. Dongwon Cold Storage aims to be not just a simple cold storage warehouse, but the core player in the Northeast Asian logistics network in the 21st century, working on the front lines to secure foreign currencies and increase national exports.

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