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Dongwon Home Food

Outsourced meal provider, food material distributor and catering service provider

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We are writing a new chapter in the history of dietary culture for better public health

Food Material Distribution Division

The food material distribution division supplies quality food materials to over 7,000 restaurants and businesses including general dining restaurants, large dining franchises and meal providers in a timely manner and at reasonable prices through direct negotiation with producers. Our Sihwa distribution center that was constructed to fulfill this function is Korea's biggest facility equipped with a state-of-the-art automated refrigeration system. We operate about 150 dedicated delivery vehicles, handle approximately 15,000 kinds of food materials and have an optimized delivery system that can satisfy customer requirements at any time.

Meal Service Division

The meal service division is creating a new trust-based meal service culture by providing healthy meals cooked with safe food materials in a timely manner, serving our customers like a mother serves food to her children. We are currently providing 200 thousand meals per day at over 240 businesses, including government institutions, corporations and hospitals.

Seasoned Food Sector (Samjo Celltech)

Samjo Celltech is a seasoned food sector of Dongwon Home Food specialized in producing and supplying ingredients such as sauces, dressings, seasonings, premixes, and spices to food companies. Food researchers provide customers with the total solution from planning, production to delivery using over 3,000 ingredients and over 30,000 recipes to deliver customized products. With the professional mind for creating a new food culture and excellent technological knowhow, Samjo Celltech is leading the future food culture of Korea.

Livestock Product Distribution
KCM 로고

We acquired ‘Keumcheon Meat’, a company specializing in online livestock product distribution, in 2015 and have been providing various livestock products including Korean beef, beef cattle, Korean pork, imported meat, processed products, and cutting meat with the best quality. In particular, we developed the ‘CCS Delivery System’ for next-day delivery using the nationwide transportation network. We are providing livestock products to approximately 50,000 companies with the best delivery service.

HMR Division
HMR 로고

Dongwon Industries is operating ‘The Banchan’, an exclusive HMR brand representing the sincerity of home meals, and ‘Charim’, a healthy simple meal brand focusing on the nutritional balance for modern people. The ‘DSCK Center’, a large-scale modern HMR plant newly opened in downtown Seoul, is preparing healthy and simple home meal HMR every day.

Dining Division

We are laying the foundation to become a professional dining business by launching ‘Sandpresso’, which offers handmade sandwiches and fresh coffee, and ‘Lounge D’ and ‘Lounge O’, which are dining shops that offer fusion Italian dishes at reasonable prices through self-service.

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