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Dongwon Construction Industries

Comprehensive construction company that gives confidence to customers

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Construction Division

Dongwon Construction Industries not only supplies residential space where humans and nature coexist in harmony but constructs various types of buildings, including offices, offices, schools, hospitals, factories, and cold storage warehouses. We also participate in the construction of social overhead capital facilities such as roads, ports, railways and bridges, and government ordered construction projects including turnkey, BTL and BTO, contributing to the establishment of the national infrastructure. In addition, we have entered the overseas construction market, and are expanding to the wider world.

Dongwon construction industries' human technologies ensure the more valuable future that we dream of

PM Division

PM division supports the increase of real estate asset values using expertise pursuing perfection and advanced analytical technologies based on the trust established in building asset management, facility operation control, BTL business, renting & leasing services, environment/energy, and remodeling business.

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