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Dongwon Systems

High-tech Industrial Material Specialist

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We are a high-tech industrial material specialist, and are focused on customer satisfaction and value creation

Packing Material Division

Our packaging material division not only has obtained ISO 9001, ISO14002, and ISO 22000 certifications but has numerous other relevant certifications. We manufacture over 1000 kinds of flexible packaging materials and distribute them in the domestic market and overseas markets as well. We also manufacture high quality food cans, EOE, and PET bottles, all of which are checked by our perfect inspection system. Our well trained specialized personnel are devoting themselves to developing new PET bottles with improved safety, storage performance and light weight, as well as next-generation packaging materials to enhance the convenience and quality of everyday life.

Aluminum Division

With cutting edge technologies and equipment, our aluminum division manufactures a variety of aluminum foil products including functional air `condition`ing pin materials used in air `condition`ers and refrigerators, foils for electric and electronic items and coverings for wires and fiber-optic cables. We also manufacture various kinds of aluminum foil products used in flexible packaging materials, electrical and electronic materials, construction materials, household goods, etc..

Precision Division

Precision division leads the new education culture by developing an e-learning education system for the cultivation of creative and talented people suitable for the environment of the 21st century. We are also an educational and informative material provider that holds the leading market share in Korea, and pursue the advancement of education by providing a wide range of educational materials including LCD projectors, microscopes, smart classroom solutions and video systems. In addition, we are engaged in photovoltaic power generation, which is the fast growing next generation renewable energy business, with the goal of protecting the environment and contributing to the sustainable development of mankind.

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