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Dongwon Industries

The world's best fishing company

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Admiration for the Sea on the Table

Dongwon Industries was founded in April 1969 to develop the sea, a rich repository of food resources, and since then we have been sailing across 5 great oceans and leading Korea's fisheries diplomacy. Also we have been giving Koreans a fresh and diverse dietary life by providing a wide range of processed marine products. Dongwon Industries has a love for fresh tasty seafood that customers can feel on the table.

The world's best marine product distribution company that holds the largest fleet in the world - Dongwon Industries

From the Pacific Ocean through Indian Ocean to Southern Ocean, Dongwon’s fleet, the world's largest, is exploring the world to discover new sea farms. We deliver tuna that we catch by ourselves in the oceans to your table, and keep it fresh by using the quick freezing method at minus 60 degrees Celsius. We export high quality tuna to Japan, the United States and Europe, enhancing the reputation of Korea's fishing industry.

Pioneer of the Advanced Logistics System of the Republic of Korea - LOEX

LOEX, the logistics division of Dongwon Industries, is Korea’s first 3PL company, and it has a national logistics network and the Cold Chain System, as well as a transportation and delivery system that can cover the whole nation within 24 hours. LOEX also provides Door-to-Door One-Stop Total Logistics Service through the transportation network connecting the entire nation and 72 global partners, providing logistics services for customers’ needs.

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