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Dongwon gives hopes to young talents

Reading promotion campaign for children

Children are our future

Dongwon Book Campaign, the reading promotion campaign for children that was launched in May 2007,
aims to promote reading by mothers and children, in order to build the foundation for HR development
by supporting the balanced development of IQ, EQ and CQ. Dongwon Group has distributed more than
750,000 illustrated books to households with children under the age of six.
Select books of your choice among the recommended books at and get 12 books a year!

Reading promotion campaign for children

Scholarship Program

Education is hope

Dongwon Education Foundation was established in 1979, and has given hopes and opportunities
to students who are capable of growing into the servant leaders of the 21st century.
The Foundation is providing scholarship benefits to more than 6,000 middle school, high school
and college students with special abilities and academic excellence, at home and abroad.

Scholarship Program

Dongwon Global Explorer

Dongwon believes in dreams

Dongwon Global Explorer is a dream support project enabling young talents to broaden their insights
and helping them realize their dreams. Launched in 2012, the program has enabled more than 50 college
students per year to show their enthusiasm and take on the challenges that will help them grow
to become global leaders.

Global ExplorerGlobal Explorer

R&D support, education development fund and programs to support educational organizations

Dongwon aims to be an R&D supporter

Starting with its support for the Institute for Social Science of Seoul National University in 1980,
Dongwon has continuously supported the R&D activities of major domestic universities and research organizations,
including Korea University, Yonsei University, Chonnam University, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies,
Pukyong University and National Fisheries Research and Development Agency. Dongwon made donations for
the construction of Dongwon Dream House of Seoul University in 1996, the establishment of Dongwon Research
Foundation of Pukyong University in 2005, the establishment of Dongwon Scholarship Foundation of Chonnam
University in 2005, the establishment of Dongwon Leadership Scholarship Foundation of Hankuk University
of Foreign Studies in 2007, the construction of the Global Leadership Development Center of Korea University
in 2007 and the construction of Dongwon Jang Bogo Hallof Pukyong University in 2010. Dongwon has steadily
donated various types of educational materials and equipment to various levels of schools

  • Reading promotion campaign for children
  • Global Explorer
  • Global Explorer

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