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Dongwon Brands Creating
New Values in Daily Life

DongwonDongwon F&B

'The Look of Dongwon F&B'

The BI of Dongwon, the representative brand of Dongwon F&B, was inspired from love, birth and seed, which are considered as the origin of life and the shape of the heart and seed embraces the name, Dongwon. It gently but strongly expresses the motto of Dongwon F&B . “aim at a better life” by “unsparingly sharing” the “life enriched with happiness” using the “abundance of nature.” Experience Dongwon renewed with a variety of canned foods including the best known canned product of Korea, Dongwon Tuna, as well as mineral water, beverages, crab sticks, fish cakes, and frozen foods.

* Canned Tuna, Canned Seafood, Canned Fruit, Canned Farm Produce, Beverage, Natural Mineral Water, Crab Stick, Fish Cake, Frozen food, Noodles, Fresh Udon, Jams, Tofu, etc.


YangbanDongwon F&B

'Traditional Taste and Elegance Reborn in a Modern Style’

This is the strategic brand of Dongwon F&B created to interpret traditional food in a modern style to develop a global brand. The brand carefully adds the tradition tastes of Korean food culture to foods such as dried laver, porridge, and kimchi.

* Seasoned Laver, Porridge, Kimchi, etc.



'Sen Cook – Made Delicious under High Pressure'

This is instant rice prepared only with rice and water in a healthy and delicious way based on high pressure cooking method that cooks rice under 3,000 bar for the first time in Korea

* Glutinous Steamed Rice · Steamed Germinated Brown Rice 100%, Steamed Barley Rice · Steamed Rice and Mixed Grain Glutinous Steamed Sweet Rice · Steamed Black Rice


RICHAM Dongwon F&B

'Milder Taste from Shoulder Meat'

Richam was prepared with the shoulder meat of pork, which has evenly distributed fat making it soft and it brings a much milder taste with less salt.

* Richam · Richam in Green Tea · Onion Flavored Richam


Denmark MilkDongwon F&B

'World Class Dairy Products'

Denmark Milk is a premium dairy product brand for products produced with the best raw milk and traditional Danish pasteurizing method (HTST).

* Denmark Milk · Denmark Drinking Yogurt, Denmark In-Pocket Cheese · Denmark Dana’s Choice

Denmark Milk


'Milk incorporating the happiness of nature'

SOWANAMU(Cow and Tree) produces processed milk products with the knowhow and technological strength accumulated since 1963, and the products contain the generosity of a cow and the honesty of a tree.

* High calcium milk · fresh cream yogurt · Coolpis · Cheese Time


Dongwon MallDongwon F&B

'Delicious and Healthy Products! Dongwon Mall'

Dongwon Mall is an exclusive food shopping mall that carries over 46,000 products from a variety of foods to household items, and home appliances. Specialized services include ‘Singsing Frozen Mart’, Korea’s largest online mall that carries a variety of refrigerated and frozen foods, ‘D-Mart’ for small purchase and bundle delivery, and ‘Food Outlet’ providing discount benefits for customers.

Dongwon Mall


'Red ginseng properly prepared in the traditional way by Dongwon'

The nature grows good ginseng, but properly prepared red ginseng is produced by the skills and spirit of the ginseng master. Chungeein is the exclusive red ginseng brand of Dongwon F&B which produces high quality red ginseng in the traditional methods through 100% contract cultivation based on the spirit, “Food is medicine, and medicine is food.”

* Mega Saponia · Ultra High Pressured Red Ginseng Tablet, Pure Red Ginseng Liquid 100 Chungeein 612 Step 1, 2, 3, etc.


GNC KoreaDongwon F&B

'World-famous Healthy Products for Korean Customers'

GNC is a health food brand with a history of over 80 years and operates over 7,900 in 55 countries around the world. It is a health functional food brand that proudly achieved the 1st rank in US health functional food distribution franchise market for 24 consecutive years and tanhe overwhelming brand awareness of 82% within the USA. It is a world-class health functional food company boasting top market share in the health functional food field. The company supplies a wide variety of health functional foods including vitamins, minerals, sports vitamins, and herbal food supplements.


BluehatDongwon Home Food

' Dongwon's blue imaginative Bluehat'

Bluehat is Dongwon's representative food material brand, and its logo is designed based on the chef's hat with a blue color to represent the Dongwon Group's identity, suggesting differentiation and confidence. Beyond the general concept and image of food related companies which can be summed up as 'providing fresh and safe food,' Bluehat is established not only to show our strong will of achieving a sensation in the dietary field and standing on the top in this industry but also to seek a new opportunity as a new growth engine that will realize Dongwon Group's enormous potential.

* Pork cutlet, Chinese Sweet-and-sour Pork, Meatballs, Korea-style Meatball, etc.


efarmDongwon Home Food

'Delicious farm incorporating nature'

efarm is Korea's first generation eco-friendly brand, launched in 1992. It handles nationally certified eco-friendly agricultural products and fabricates and distributes health-oriented processed food made with materials that pass the strict criteria of 'no MSG, synthetic colors, synthetic preservatives', in order to protect customers' health and the environment.

* 4 branch retail store in Mok-dong, Bojeong, Banpo and Samseong, as well as a number of shops in major discount outlets and online stores


SandpressoDongwon Home Food

'Coffeehouse chain for homemade-style sandwiches and coffee'

This is a coffeehouse brand specializing in sandwiches and take-out coffee, featuring a modernized and comfortable interior, homemade sandwiches and various kinds of fresh coffee drinks. All foods are made from fresh ingredients distributed by Dongwon, with a strict adherence to the principle of "make today, sell today.”

* Sandpresso branch shops and franchise shops


Lounge DDongwon Home Food

'Casual Italian fusion restaurant'

Lounge D is a casual Italian fusion restaurant brand launched by Dongwon Home Food. It uses fresh food materials and provides homemade style cuisine, fresh coffee and various kinds of drinks. It provides comfortable service at reasonable prices, so anyone regardless of age or sex can enjoy meals and relaxation at the same time.

* Store at National Museum of Contemporary Art perspective

Lounge D

BECHEFDongwon Home Food

'My own chef that provides the taste of dining-out in a restaurant'

BECHEF refers to "Be a chef," and is an ingredient provider especially for professional chefs.

* pork cutlet sauce, honey mustard sauce, pizza sauce, seasoned chicken sauce, sesame dressing, curry powder, etc.


McCormickDongwon Home Food

'McCormick puts passion into the flavor'

McCormick was founded by Willoughby M. McCormick in 1889, and is a global brand that has been providing the finest spices and sauces for over 120 years. In 2011, its best sauces and dressings that fascinated people around the world were launched in Korea through licensing.

* Mayo Sauce, Salsa Sauces, Dressings, etc.


CharmDonDongwon Farms

'Dongwon CharmDon, which contains only the true essence of nature'

Dongwon CharmDon, Dongwon Farms' representative pig breeding brand, has a logo that is drawn in red which represents healthy pigs, with a big circle representing well grown pigs and a small circle symbolizing the tail of energetic pigs. The word "CharmDon" suggests that all products under the CharmDon brand are made of materials that reflect the true essence of the nature, and pig breeding farmers who use such nature-oriented products for their pigs will benefit from their pigs in the end.

* Dongwon CharmDon Series (Gatdon, Jeotdon, Grown Pigs, Pregnant Pigs, Poyudon, Hubodon)


d'ArenbergDongwon Wineplus

'd'Arenberg, selected as one of Wine Spectator's Top 100 Wines and praised by Robert Parker'

d'Arenberg is one of the finest Australian wine companies located in South Australia's McLaren Vale. Robert Parker gave 2001 Dead Arm Shiraz a score of 98 points, and gives 11 other d'Arenberg wines scores over 90. Also, d'Arenberg Laughing Magpie was introduced in 'Drops of God, volume 23' and d'Arenberg Stump Jump Red was selected as one of Wine Spectator's Top 100 Wines for 2 consecutive years.


Laurent-PerrierDongwon Wineplus

'Premium champagne brand for prestige class passengers'

The premium champagne Laurent-Perrier provided on Korean Air flights is a wine from the Champagne region, France, and is served to first class and business class passengers. Laurent-Perrier's Grand Siecle is provided to the President of France in the presidential plane. A famous story holds that former French president De Gaulle himself named this wine 'Grand Siecle' after he tasted it, which means 'glorious era'.


Michel LynchDongwon Wineplus

'Michel Lynch, official wine for Formula One ceremony'

Michel Lynch Bordeaux made by Château Lynch-Bages is the wine designated to be served in the flagship Paddock Lounge, in which national VIP guests exchange opinions at the Formula One auto racing championship. Michel Lynch's wines are also served on the airplanes of major domestic and overseas airlines, including American Airlines, Emirates, Virgin Airlines, ANA Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Swiss Airlines and Korean Air.

Michel Lynch

Cono SurDongwon Wineplus

'Cono Sur, Leading eco-friendly and organic winery'

Cono Sur, which means corn in the south is a winery located in Chile that has obtained ISO 16001 and ISO 90001, focusing on eco-friendly and organic wine making. After it was introduced in the 21st volume of Drops of God, Cono Sur started gaining attention both in Korea and overseas. It has been awarded a number of gold prizes and high scores in various wine competitions, so it would be an appropriate choice that can satisfy customers in not only prices but quality.

Cono Sur

TapasDongwon Wineplus

'Enjoy Spain! Enjoy Trends, Tapas'

Tapas is a Spanish wine that satisfies both taste and visual aesthetics simultaneously, with its unique color and the bottle label, and can be referred to as a fashionable wine for young party people. As the unique color of this wine and the sophisticated design of the bottle label are attractive enough to catch people's eyes at a glance, it is popular, especially among the younger generation that is sensitive to fashion and trends and enjoys parties.


BenestDongwon Construction Industries

'Best home that provides happiness in every season'

Residence means co-existence in harmony with a space in nature, rather than just a simple house. Dongwon Benest is Dongwon Construction Industries' brand that incorporates the company's philosophy on residence. The brand name "Benest" reflects the strong will of its executives and staff to build the "Best" "Nest".

* Apartment, Town House, Studio, Multipurpose Building


LOEXDongwon Industries

'Global logistics partner that prioritizes customer value'

LOEX, Dongwon Group's logistics brand, secures a smooth logistics flow by connecting land transport, marine transport and air transport organically, because all logistic flow is performed through the combination of these three paths. The three axes shown in the LOEX BI symbolize the sky, the land and the sea, and emphasize the vision and growth as well as trust and belief.


Dongwon Tuna FranchiseDongwon Industries

'Dongwon Tuna Restaurant, a premium dine-out space for VIP customers'

The Dongwon Tuna Restaurant franchise operated by the world's best tuna specialist 'Dongwon Industries' is currently expanding its stores focusing on major cities across the country, leading Korea's dine-out industry. Dongwon Tuna Restaurant is being reborn as a premium dine-out space for VIP guests based on its expertise in tuna and the finest quality tuna sashimi.

Dongwon Tuna Franchise

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