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Dongwon Provides a Wholly
New Experience in Your Daily Life


  • Dongwon Industries

    Dongwon Industries

    The world's best fishing company

    Admiration for the Sea on the Table

    Dongwon Industries Hompage
  • Dongwon Cold Storage

    Dongwon Cold Storage

    Asia's biggest cold storage and logistics company

    Key logistics player in the Northeast Asian market engaged in collecting, processing and distributing marine products

    Dongwon Cold Storage Homepage
  • Dongbu Express

    Dongbu Express

    A comprehensive logistics company covering all areas of logistics

    Global Logistical Leader Creating Customer Values

    Dongwon Industries Hompage

Food processing and
distribution businesses

  • Dongwon F&B

    동원F&B 로고

    Comprehensive health food company that contributes to customers' health

    Healthy food is the best medicine

    Dongwon F&B Homepage
  • Dongwon Home Food

    Dongwon Home Food

    Outsourced meal provider, food material distributor and catering service provider

    We are writing a new chapter in the history of dietary culture for better public health

    Dongwon Home Food Homepage
  • Dongwon Farms

    Dongwon Farms

    High-quality Feed Manufacturer

    We will serve as a cornerstone for the development of breeding farms

    Dongwon Farms Homepage
  • Dongwon Wineplus

    Dongwon Wineplus

    Imported Wine Distributor

    We add fragrance to life with wine of distinguished quality.

    Dongwon Wineplus Homepage

Living services

  • Dongwon Systems

    Dongwon Systems

    High-tech Industrial Material Specialist

    We are a high-tech industrial material specialist, and are focused on customer satisfaction and value creation

    Dongwon Systems Homepage
  • Techpack Solution

    Techpack Home Solutions

    Total packing material manufacture

    Excellent technological strength and quality competitiveness

    Techpack Home Solutions Homepage
  • Dongwon Construction Industries

    Dongwon Construction Industries

    Comprehensive construction company that gives confidence to customers

    Dongwon construction industries' human technologies ensure the more valuable future that we dream of

    Dongwon Construction Industries Homepage
  • Dongwon CNS

    Dongwon CNS

    Recruiting Service Provider

    We provide professional business competiveness

    Dongwon CNS Homepage

Fostering talent/
Social Contributions

  • Dongwon Education Foundation

    Dongwon Education Foundation

    Foundation that performs social contribution activities

    Dongwon shines a light of hope to the young generation.

    Dongwon Education Foundation Homepage
  • Dongwon Leaders Academy

    Dongwon Leaders Academy

    Institution that supports human resource development and lifelong learning

    Cradle of global leader development and lifelong learning

    Dongwon Leaders Academy Homepage

Global company

  • StarKist


    US No.1 Canned Tuna Manufacturer

    We will develop as the world's biggest tuna company

    StarKist Homepage
  • S.C.A SA

    S.C.A SA

    Senegal's Largest Canned Tuna Manufacturer

    Strategic Bridgehead for Global Market Development

    Scasa Homepage
  • Talofa Systems


    The company supplying high-quality can packing materials

    Base for Entering Americas and Pacific Packing Materials Markets

  • TTP


    Manufacturer for flexible packing materials

    Vietnam’s No.1 Packing Materials Company

  • MVP


    Manufacturer for flexible packing materials, PET bottles, and CAPs

    Vietnam’s No.1 Packing Materials Company

Holding Company

  • Dongwon Enterprise


    Holding Company

    Dongwon aims to be an indispensable company to our society

    dongwon Homepage

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