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Dongwon creates new value for its customers.
Dongwon wants to be a corporation that is needed
by its customers and by the nation.

Kim Jae-cheol, Chairman of Dongwon Group

Dongwon is a living culture creator that continuously pursues new things with Enthusiasm, Challenge, and Creation.
A great company does not just provide its customers with great products and services.
A great company must provide new value and lead the advanced living culture by offering products and services that
go beyond the expectations of customers.
To be a great company, Dongwon is making efforts to create new value and improve quality of life,
based on the corporate philosophy of respect for human beings, which we have had since our establishment in 1969.
I ask for your continuous encouragement and support to help Dongwon become a world-class company leading
the living culture of the 21st century.
Thank you for your support and trust.

Jae-chul Kim, Chairman of Dongwon Group

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