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Corporate Overview

A Corporation Needed by Society and Creating New Value

Dongwon believed that Korea will thrive in ocean-related industries in 1969.
Dongwon pioneered the ocean business to lead a bright future for Korea.
Dongwon weighed anchor and pioneered the field of sea farming by fighting against raging waters.
Dongwon has proved there is a promising future, even during dark times for the national economy.

Holding Company
Food processing and
distribution businesses
Living services
Global Company
Fostering talent/
Social Contributions

Global Dongwon toward the Global Stage

Dongwon has made untiring efforts to advance into global markets including Senegal, China, and Japan, including its acquisition of StarKist, the U.S.’s largest canned tuna brand, in 2008.
Dongwon will grow into a company with globally recognized value by continuously capturing global markets in the future.

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